The Crone of Solstice Flames (2)


Delia’s discovery of her magic and its link with the legendary Myrtlewood Crones has thrown her already tumultuous life into further disarray. After unlocking the first stage of their ancient powers, she and the other crones—Ingrid, Marjie, and Agatha—find themselves enshrouded in the elusive shield of invisibility. But this protective veil is tenuous, and the relentless Order of Crimson is closing in.

With the Winter Solstice on the horizon, the celestial opportunity is presented for releasing the next stage of potent crone magic.

The ancient grimoire reveals further puzzles relating to Delia’s heritage and the sudden appearance of an unknown relative on Delia’s doorstep presents an entirely new challenge.

Time is running out, and the stakes are high. Alliances will be tested, mysteries unraveled, and the battle for the very essence of crone magic will leave no one unchanged.

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