About the author

Iris Beaglehole is the enchanting author of the spellbinding Myrtlewood Mysteries series. As a self-identified druid, witch, and aspiring astrologer, Iris weaves magic into her stories and takes readers on a thrilling journey to the mystical town of Myrtlewood. Follow the adventures of Rosemary and Athena Thorn and the other quirky inhabitants of Myrtlewood as they celebrate the seasonal festivals, uncover hidden secrets and solve supernatural mysteries. With her finger on the pulse of the otherworldly, Iris conjures up a tale that will leave you entranced.

When she’s not crafting her fantastical stories, Iris can be found sipping tea with her feline companions and tending to her herb garden. With her love for all things witchy and her boundless imagination, Iris Beaglehole is sure to transport you to a realm of wonder and enchantment.

photo of Iris sitting with a cup of tea in her hands