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Step into the fantastical world of Iris Beaglehole, the enchanting author of the spellbinding Myrtlewood Mysteries series, where magic brews in every cup of tea and mystery lurks around every corner.

Join Rosemary Thorn and her teenage daughter, Athena, as they unravel the mysteries of Thorn Manor and the strange happenings in their new home. From mysterious disappearances to fiery Beltane celebrations, nothing is as it seems in this whimsical magical small town.

With a good dollop of humour and a main character facing the challenges of midlife, the Myrtlewood Mysteries will leave you spellbound.

A picture of the first 3 Myrtlewood Mysteries books on a purple background. Vines are growing from them pointing at text that reads: WITCHES, Inheriting an old manor house, A magical village, Tea, cake, and banter, Vampires & shifters, Found family, cryptic clues, a self-cleaning house!, A murger mystery

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