Formidable Magic – original cover (7)


As the leaves fall and the fog thickens, the town of Myrtlewood prepares for the annual Samhain festival. But this year, something is different. The chill in the air is not just from the frost, but from a deeper magic, an ancient magic that has lain dormant for years.

Rosemary Thorn and her daughter Athena both sense that something is amiss. They soon find themselves caught up in a thrilling mystery as strange occurrences happen around town. They must navigate through the mystical and mysterious world of magic and uncover the truth behind the spooky happenings before it’s too late.

As All Hallows draws near, the spirits in the land begin to stir in restless frustration and the anticipation in the air thickens, promising to be a Samhain that the people of Myrtlewood will never forget!