The Witches of Holloway Road


Ursula is reeling from a bad break-up when she seeks refuge in the mystical Holloway Rd. Nestled in a cozy cottage with a lush garden and an abundance of bookshelves, Ursula hopes for a peaceful escape. But strange occurrences quickly unravel, leaving her feeling as though she’s being watched.

Unusual visions of a mysterious purple-haired woman and out-of-season plants add to her unease. As she becomes acquainted with the enigmatic Rowan and his eccentric house truck, Ursula begins to suspect that he may hold the key to understanding the bizarre happenings in this enchanting world.

When a mysterious and bewitching stranger arrives in town, Ursula must delve into her family’s history, the power of magic, and her own identity to protect everything she cares about. Join Ursula on a journey of self-discovery and love in a witchy tale set in the captivating world of the Myrtlewood Mysteries.

A cozy witchy story with a dash of sweet polyamorous romance!