Experimental Magic – original cover (2)


It’s the Spring Equinox in Myrtlewood, complete with strange disappearances, a quest to uncover heritage and a journey beyond the veil…

Rosemary and Athena are just settling into their new life in the unapologetically magical village of Myrtlewood.

After so many years in financial turmoil, things are looking up, and Rosemary even nabs the perfect part-time job while waiting on a certain handsome vampire lawyer to process her inheritance. Life is surprisingly peaceful until strange disappearances throw everything into chaos leading up to the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, Athena is newly enrolled at Myrtlewood Academy but feels woefully unprepared for magical education. She has enough on her mind with the enigmatic Finnigan and his aloof behaviour, not to mention the disappearance of her father, Dain.

If you’re ready for more mystery, witches, paranormal women’s fiction with a midlife main character, and a big dose of humour, you’re going to love Myrtlewood Mysteries Book 2.